Transitioning is a large step in a female’s hair travel. This means giving your hair a rest from each the compounds and relaxers and adopt your normal feel. A lot of women also tend to steer clear of warmth as it can harm the flake pattern. This procedure is about restoring your hair’s natural texture by cutting off some dead endings and soothes your hair’s moisture and nourishment to reach teip juuksepikendused müük. So make sure you stock up on heavy conditioners, hair sprays and cleansing products!

Create a Game Plan and Stick with It.

Although transitioning is a gorgeous process, it may also be stuffed with quite a few”awkward stages” that could make it difficult to stay with. There is a lot to consider when transitioning, like though you are going to be cutting your own hair and the way you’ll design it throughout every phase. If you get to a stage that makes you uneasy with your own hair, there’s a solution! It is very important to practice patience when transitioning, but for people who demand a little additional boost, natural hair extensions are here in order to assist. Place the relaxer down, jump your awkward phase, and move straight to some naturally flawless appearance with extensions that fit your feel.

teip juuksepikendused müük

Natural Steam Permed Textures

To be able to help women adopt their normal feel, we made three additional textures utilizing our PermaSteam™ technologies to mimic natural hairfollicles. Our steam permed textures are located in comfy right, for people who demand a coarser texture, instead of slick right; tight curled, that will perfectly fit those curls which have a slightly tighter curl routine compared to our regular curled texture; and kinky curly, which easily imitates form 4 kinky hair. These textures are located within our steam permed weaves, clip-ins and tape-ins.

Deciding on the RIght Hair Extensions

The kind of extensions you could be interested in depends upon where you’re in your normal hair travel and just how far you have transitioned. If you are thinking about taking the plunge and performing the”big chop” but are not completely prepared to forego your own hair, a weave would be the most suitable choice! It is possible to still adopt your feel, while protecting your own hair and allow it grow by obtaining a weave with our steam permed textures. Appreciate organic, curly hair when shielding your own! A weave can be perfect for those who have development but nevertheless have visible breakage or damage. Protective styles like these are fantastic for transitioning hair!

In case you’ve got a moderate hair span using little to no harm however, you’d like extra length or quantity, try our clip-ins or even tape-ins! Our steam permed tape-ins function great for thinner hair since they are lightweight and permit for customizable quantity based on the number of packs you opt to install. Tape-ins don’t harm the hair and normally last between 4-6 weeks. Clip-ins are a terrific option for people who have grown out their hair but are seeking to get their perfect span. Clip-ins can totally transform your appearance in a couple of minutes! Contrary to tape-ins, the wefts are thicker, allowing for much more hair to be connected to the weft; this is the reason why the clip-in set includes 7 easy-to-place bits.

Irrespective of the installation method you pick, make sure you care for your hair during and between installs. Keeping it healthy is essential through the procedure, since this can provide you the very best results possible. Considering transitioning? Which product are you going to use to assist you embrace your normal feel?