Stellar knowledge Recovery: knowledge Recovery Services – Stellar knowledge Recovery is Associate in Nursing eminent international technology company that delivers a broad vary of knowledge recovery code and product. Plus, the corporate conjointly deals with knowledge recovery services giving its labs in USA, Europe, and India. Its knowledge recovery services area unit broadly speaking classified as portable computer & desktop recovery, server recovery, RAID recovery, and encrypted knowledge recovery.

Stellar Knowledge Recovery

1.Laptop & Desktop Recovery Services : Stellar offers a superb knowledge recovery service by restoring your files, databases, and documents from a dead desktop’s or laptop’s fixed disk. Their knowledge recovery professionals supply their service uninterrupted.

2.Server Recovery : Stellar uses the industry-best technology so as to bring back the lost assets hold on on malicious platforms. They use numerous efficient procedures to recover your lost server knowledge pretty quickly.

3.RAID Recovery : RAID Recovery will simply recover your mission-critical knowledge from any corrupt RAID system. They use proprietary technologies to make the information loss from any reasonably RAID layout, together with RAID zero, RAID 5, and so on.

4.Encrypted knowledge Recovery : Stellar’s knowledgeable about knowledge recovery specialists supply a custom resolution so as to revive & decode your confidential business knowledge while not compromising the protec

Stellar knowledge Recovery: knowledge Recovery code : Stellar offers a large number of knowledge recovery code for numerous platforms together with each macintosh and Windows. the foremost fashionable knowledge recovery code (offered by Stellar) area unit shortly delineated below.

1.Stellar Phoenix For Windows knowledge Recovery (Professional) : This code is specially designed to figure on any Windows platform so as to swimmingly recover your ostensibly lost documents, files, pictures, and more.

Features :

1.Supports Windows ten, 8, 7, scene and XP.

2.Recovers knowledge, documents, photos, partitions, and three hundred a lot of file sorts.

3.Recovers your files from corrupt or broken optical media.

4.Recovers deleted emails in Outlook categorical and MS Outlook.

2.Stellar Phoenix For macintosh knowledge Recovery : This program offers a secure & correct recovery of lost file, photos, documents, audio files, or videos that are designedly or accidentally deleted from HFS, FAT, ExFAT, NTFS, and HFS+ format primarily based file systems.

Features :

1.Supports iMac, Air, Mac Mini, MacBook professional, and macintosh professional.

2.Achieves a very correct knowledge recovery on macintosh OS X.

3.Facilitates in RAW recovery from lost macintosh volumes.

4.Supports machine backup

Stellar knowledge Recovery: knowledge Recovery Tools : Stellar’s knowledge Recovery Toolkit could be a excellent combination of 3 dynamic nonetheless economical tools that recover deleted or lost knowledge from any storage media. This toolkit supports a superb knowledge recovery from macintosh, Windows, and Linux OS.

Special options :

1.Offers a period of time license validity.

2.Supports recovery from multiple platforms.

3.Recovers over 185 file sorts.

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