How Much Do You Know About Selecting Construction Software?

Assume you know all there is to know about selecting new construction estimating? Before beginning, take the following quiz to see if you really know approximately you think you do.

1) Which kind of references are more valid instructions those from companies that have been using the software you’re thinking of for multiple years or those from companies that have installed the software in question within the last 12 months?

Answer: Companies which have recently installed and begun use of the software you are considering are best ones to talk with. The reason is that any company that has been using a number of software for multiple years will have likely already determined all of the problems with the system. As such, they will obviously recommend that software program to you and likely have forgotten about any headaches the fact that software caused in the beginning. On the other hand, companies that just fitted the software will be well aware of the problems involved with installing the item.

2) Which one factor is the best predictor of success selecting the most appropriate software?

  • * Price
  • * The database the software uses
  • * Number of times the software has been installed with other corporations
  • * Past experience with the system
  • * References by trusted sources
  • * None of the above

Answer: non-e of the above. While all should be considered, no single factor can certainly predict whether or not the software will be right for your company. Unfortunately, the majority of people think things are that easy.

3) True or false: Choosing a recognized brand name software with thousands of installations is a guaranteed way to be successful?

Answer: False. Recognized brands are not specifically the best fit for every company, and plenty of unhappy businesses around the world can attest to this.

4) As long as the software does indeed what you need it to, the database that the software utilizes is not that important – True or False?

Answer: Untrue. Advances in technology and operating systems will eventually make some databases incompatible and therefore useless if your company wants to be ahead of the game and adopt best practices by using the best technological know-how available.