Half College Book Buying Review: Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

For people looking to consistently save the most money on their textbooks, one half. com may just be their best bet. A pampered child with eBay, half. com, despite its misleading name, is definitely the whole deal when it comes to buying cheap college books internet. Offering essentially every book out there (and even quite a few books that aren’t out there), you’ll have the option of deciding upon from both new and used books at a huge smattering of prices. Half. com works a lot like eBay (big surprise) in that it lets the people selling books opt for their asking price and then lists all of these book options with an online marketplace for buyers to shop in. If you’re planning on buying your college books on half. com (and clearly you’re already thinking about it; you’re reading this article just after all), then take a look at these pros and cons before you start book obtaining willy-nilly:

Finding your required college books couldn’t often be easier. Being a man who values laziness as a diet and lifestyle priority (I’m currently writing this in darkness because of the sun has gone down and I won’t get up to turn on any sort of lights), finding my college books with as little effort and time on my part is almost as big of a deal like finding cheap book prices is. Fortunately, half. com takes makes this process essentially pain free, letting you quickly seek out by book, author, or ISBN number (“book DNA”, if you will) and even displays the book cover for individuals that like to judge a book by its, well, a cover.

Used book prices can be extremely, laughably cheap. From time to time when I need a good pick-me-up I’ll just head over to fifty percent. com and chuckle at how cheap of a price most of the books on there are being sold for. It’s not uncommon to see a ordinarily $30 book being sold for 75 cents, and even if you ever factor in the cost of shipping (all books from half. com cost around $3. 50) you’re still getting a publication for the price of a quality ice cream cone. Admittedly, if I wanted to choose I’d still take the cone, but you get the notion.

“Used books” may be more used than you think. Compared with gunpowder and toilet paper, books still essentially offer their purpose even when heavily used. If you’re one of the “as long as it functions, good enough for me” types (a common factor in all my ex-girlfriends), buying a half. com utilised book at a heavily-reduced price is definitely the way to go. However , do not be shocked if you receive a book in the mail that has been featured to a point the pages weigh more and appear to are lightly nibbled on from time to time. buy positive reviews for growing up your marketing strategy.

All in all, half. com is usually a rock-solid option when it comes to amazon bewertungen kaufen  your college textbooks more cost-effective and faster. Sure, you never quite know what condition for the air conditioning receive a book in, but for the money I’m saving it really is a risk I’m willing to take.