Fake Eyelashes and What Not to Do

Last week we had a customer that really defied the rule of the splendor industry and what makes it worse is she is in it. Not simply is she in the beauty industry but she is likewise in a sector of it that should understand what to do and what not to do.

We went to a clients house to do fake sexy eyeslash which is a common occurrence as we own an eyelash file format company. We got there and started having a nice chat about the house she was going to buy and looked at her marital life photos, god knows why but I continued to be considerate.

The lady in question is a qualified hair extension technician so the principles are the same then it comes to applying the extensions. The client possessed the worse case of cross over lashes the a pc technician has ever come across and usually I would advise the a computer technician not do the treatment but after telling her the professionals and cons she told me she would like to have the cure anyway so we started.

After the technician had done the initial eye she had a look and said she planned to continue so we did but to be honest the eyelash extensions were being going everywhere. When the technician had around 7 still left to apply she started to say how the extensions were directed in different directions, she told her that it was due to her all-natural best fake eyelashes as the extensions just sit on top and part of the same direction as your natural ones. She then proceeded to pull at the extensions, something she was told her to refrain from giving as she was going to ruin the treatment but she would not listen and pulled the extensions out along with her own.

She was told that if she wanted to take them out to make it with the solution provided but she just didn’t hear, all this from someone who does hair extensions. She was subsequently asked if she would pull hair extensions out which this lady replied no, the technician really couldn’t understand what this kind of lady was doing and this really upset her.