Compact Samsung Q1 Ultra Q1U-CMXP Laptop

The standard and advantageous features play a very important role for me after i choose any item in the shop. The Samsung Q1 Ultra Q1U-CMXP is one of the best mini laptops I have ever seen. This specific mode of a laptop has a 7-inch widescreen display. Although the screen is small , it is very clean and its shades are amazing. Watching movies on this mini laptop is a real satisfaction, especially when you are on road.

The Intel Processor A100 supplies a quick and stable work of this mini laptop. For this reason type of processor the Samsung laptop works quite very good. A 80 GB hard drive disk is quite enough regarding storing all the necessary documents and files. It is very hassle-free when you have all the necessary documents with you.

The weight of Samsung 30t for sale  korea laptop is only 1 . 52 pounds. As you can see, it is not large at all. Besides, it has a very small size and even it is possible to input it in the customer’s pocket. It is an ideal item or those people that travel a lot.

Is it possible to connect to the Internet with the help of this tiny laptop? Yes, it is. It is possible to connect to the Internet with the help of 802. 11b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2 . 0 + EDR, 10/100 Ethernet, integrated HSDPA modem for cellular broadband. The bond is great and quick.
The Samsung battery works quite nicely. The battery life is long up to 4. 5 several hours is the working possibility of this laptop. Though the price for this notebook is a little bit high, but it is worth it.