Best WordPress SEO – Give The Search Engines What They Want

I did written several articles about Best WordPress SEO nevertheless have been from the point of view of the webmaster. I thought it might be interesting to observe it the other way and see what the search engines want to see. Most effective wordpress seo package will then be achieved by giving them what they really want.

I will divide this into three sections on page things, off page factors and other factors.

Other Factors

This has the minimum weighting of the three sections but needs to be considered primary:

The search engines want to see:

An older domain name as this is considered more respected.
Fast Loading and constant availability.
Traffic – Should the site is getting traffic is must be useful.
What you should do regarding best WordPress SEO:

If you could buy an from ages domain, containing a relevant keyword, with a clean history this might be ideal but a new domain is not a major disadvantage.
About the hosting package from a reputable supplier with a 99. 9% uptime guarantee. For Best WordPress SEO it is also cognizant of install a caching plugin to serve a static clone of the pages and posts.
Try and generate some website traffic from sources other than the search engines.
Off Page Factors

It is the highest weighted of the three sections.

The search engines want to see:

One way links from other sites – All links count unless they are simply “no-follow”.
Links from authoritative sites – In Google terms and conditions the higher the page rank the better, links from. gov plus. edu sites are also considered highly.
Links from applicable sites – these are best but links from inconsequential sites still count.
Links with relevant anchor text aid where the anchor text matches the keyword of the page/post them links to.
Links from sites with few other alternative links – a site only has so much authority to on and this is diluted if there are many links.
What you should do intended for best WordPress SEO:

Get as many links as possible.
Get links from authority sites in your niche.
Don’t use your keyword as the anchor text every time as this looks ‘out of place’.
On Page Factors

Although this carries less weight as compared with off page factors it is still vitally important. The better your individual on page SEO the fewer backlinks you will need for a supplied ranking.

The search engines want to see:

A well structured site where many of the pages are interlinked.
Links to external relevant web pages.
Unique, regularly updated content.
Readable content the pertinence of which is clear.
The search engines don’t want to see:

Any attempt to work them.
External links to disreputable sites.
Duplicate Material.
Broken Links.
Error Messages.