Natural Food Supplements

Natural food preservatives have been used and known to mankind as long time. These are used in both raw and cooked meals to grow the shelf worth of food so that aroma, flavor and the food itself can be kept for a longer period of time. Additionally food decomposition is avoided by them. Aside from the preservatives, in organic preservation, freezing, pickling, deep skillet, salting and smoking also come.

Food preservatives whether natural or artificial work in three different manners as antimicrobial, antioxidants and behave on enzymes. In anti inflammatory, growth of germs like fungi and bacteria is inhibited. At the second one the process of oxidation is either postponed or stopped. And also the one which behaves on enzymes stops the ripening or aging of foodstuff.

Methods of pure preservation include salt, sugar, vinegar, rosemary extracts etc.. Salt is a natural preservative that together with the process of osmosis dehydrates the microbes. With this the growth of bacteria is inhibited that otherwise results in the spoilage of food. Protection from molds and yeast is also given by salt.

In a number of other food items sugar is principally used as pulp. Additionally, it works like salt and throughout the procedure for purification inhibits the growth of microorganism. The procedure for purification draws out the water of germs so either sugar eliminates it or inhibits its development thus protecting the food. To preserve food with sugar either sugar syrup or powder is used in the meals.

Vinegar is another very important Natural Food preservative that’s acidic. It’s produced by the process of fermentation of sugar and water. Microbes and bacterias are killed from the lactic acid in vinegar that are responsible for food spoilage.

Artificial preservatives are liable for causing many health issue pertaining to respiratory tract, heart, blood and other. Although if you have the problem of blood pressure and sugar the over consumption of sugar and salt should be avoided. But besides this there is no significant health issue related to them.

These obviously do the process of osmosis that is secure and economical. Also these are completely safe for ingestion. It doesn’t alter the colour of the food and supplies the required flavour. Different approaches of preservations are used for to preserve the food through these.