Potential Reasons – Why Do Project Fail and How Project Managers Can Prevent?

The essential aim of this article is to identify and explore multiple dimensions regarding project failures during the entire life of project observance. Many projects fail, especially IT projects. The only way of which companies can get better at performing projects is by knowing from projects they have carried out. There are small things which may decide fate of project. These all in project control practice and research, has been to see it as a peril and as something that should, if possible, be neutralized, reduced plus followed.


In a perfect world every project might be “on time and within budget. ” But reality (especially the proven statistics) tells a very different story. This uncommon for projects to fail. Even if the budget and agenda are met, one must ask –

Question aid “Did the project deliver the results and quality we envisioned? ”

Answer to this question could be different in different mindset. There is no single method or organizational structure that can be used to face projects to success. Project failure can happen in any financial institution and to any project.

There are many reasons why projects (both easy complex) fail; the number of reasons can be infinite and can wear different phase of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), initiation through go live. Sometimes it’s out of the control of task management manager and/or the team members. Sometimes failure is manageable. Failed projects and people involved with the failure have some factors in common. I have tried to draft few critical and most primary reasons based on my experience for project failure and may also differ project to project.

From outside view, maybe all reason will roll up to project manager’s burden and accountability however from my perspective it should be association responsibility.

Here are the some of the common reasons why project isn’t able – based on my experience.

1 . Incompetent Project Boss

First possible cause of project failure is the project boss. A project manager who helps steer the project as quickly as possible and provides sound, inspiring leadership can go a long way toward initiating a successful project. Reasons like “an incompetent project manager” “project manager unwilling to make decisions, ” “project problems ignored”, “poor management by the project leader, ” “loss involving control by the project manager, ” and “the disaster of the project manager to delegate”, “working as exclusively as coordinator” are most important reason given for undertaking failure.

2 . Less Involvement of Project Managers

That is always a topic of debate for project managers: As long as they just focus on pure project management activities such as credit reporting, cost and issue tracking, or should they also scuba into ground-level review and design? There is no correct remedy. Even the biggest project depends on the success of the limited components. Every detail contains a seed that can mean the difference amongst success and failure. On relatively inexperienced teams, assignment managers must be involved in the details for key activities. It will help them have better control of the effort as well as provide legitimate status of the project to stakeholders.

3. Unavailability to be able to Skilled Resources

Every project has some resource estimations the next of the project and even every vendor submits key people details and profile as part of bidding process to acquire work. However picture is always opposite once project is gave. Initial resource estimations and loading sheet handed over for you to project managers as part of sales hand over process but I did seen that project managers always struggle for perfect skilled resources hence it is necessary that leadership team have to understand criticality and provide planned/skilled resources on time to avoid challenge delay or failure.