What is Trade Show Displays


I got a call the other day regarding trade show banners and displays. The caller wanted to know what was the best type to order. That question was rather difficult to reply. There are many distinct types of trade show banners and screens being fabricated. Most people consider straightforward vinyl banners, but they may be more elaborate.

Banners and screens are also made with different types of materials. Such as: vinyl, plastic, steel, plexiglass, and cloth. They may be designed to hang in front of a table or backwall. A display can be hung from the ceiling and lowered over a booth. The entire booth can be a screen made with wall panels. There are electronic panel displays which could be programed to incorporate different information about your company.

So as you can see, there are many options when ordering a trade show Banner and display stand. It’s ideal to determine what’s going to work for your particular business. Keep in mind how much you really want to spend also. Some trade show displays and banners can run into the tens of thousands. Choosing a banner or display often is determined by the amount of trade shows your company really participates during the year.

If your business attends trade shows on a regular basis, then you may want to step it up a bit and move away from just the simple one color vinyl banner hanging in front of your booth table. Various studies have shown the more elaborate and colorful your booth is decides how much visitors you are going to get. Trade show attendees walk into the door and see countless companies wanting to sell their service or product, think about how do you set your company apart from the masses.

Once you have determined how frequently you are likely to use your banner or screen. Figure out how much you want to pay and which sort of screen or banner would you want purchase. Do the research. Have a look at several companies which manufacture these trade show things. Discover how long it will take for your purchase to be finished. You don’t want to miss any up coming trade shows while you are waiting. Get the precise cost on shipping price. Based on which type of screen or banner you order, their may be several boxes, your shipping cost may be greater than you might think.

Possessing a trade show banner is your introduction to future customers. Your thoughts are creating a market, their thoughts are exactly what type of business am I going to take care of. They base this on what your booth looks like. Make your first impression a memorable one.