Top 5 Email Marketing Tips


The business of all types can benefit from a well-run email marketing initiative. Today, however, they need to take additional precautions to ensure they keep a high excellent sender reputation to maximize delivery and improve conversions. Review these high tips and Make Sure That Your organization is following all of these:

Ping Test Emails

Consistently ping test your emails before your first campaign, particularly if it is an old listing, a trade show list, or a prospect list. And once table analyzed, never use failed ping analyzed emails.

No Longer At

Monitor your own auto replies and remove no more at and retired immediately after every effort. These email answers have to be closely reviewed since the autoreply can come from a source that is different from the actual email that needs to be removed.

Consistency & Frequency

The consistency and frequency of your email campaigns are essential in keeping a positive sender reputation. ISPs attempt to create and rate the email marketing history for your own domain name. The more consistent you are, and the more realistic you are with your frequency, the more likely you are to create a good reputation as a sender. That presumes you are following another hint listed herein.

A lot of complaints will describe lots of trouble to your own sender reputation and domain. The perfect way to avoid complaints would be to limit effort frequency (every two weeks for most general efforts is a good rule of thumb), honor opt-outs immediately, focus on quality content and collateral and restrict “sales” pitches.

Avoid Spam Traps (Honeypots)

Spam traps, sometimes known as honeypots, are email addresses specially made to capture email from entrepreneurs who do not follow email best practices. The traps target marketers who are scraping email addresses from the internet or are simply blasting emails using poor quality listings yelp scraper. Sufficient “catches” by spam traps can lead to low deliverability or even domain blacklisting.

Use Relevant, Educational Content

“Buy my stuff and save money now”! If your content is sales, spammy and irrelevant, your sender reputation will be negatively affected, and it’ll happen immediately. Try to make your content relevant and educational. Changing regulations, industry innovation, significant news of this day, and educational webinars are going to be much better received than an invitation to buy your products or services.

Email marketing is both an art and a science and is growing in complexity and deliverability nuance. It can be an excellent lead generator when properly used, or a waste of time and money when combined with an email “blast” mentality. Insurance agency entrepreneurs lacking the time or resources to achieve this type of initiative can outsource their campaigns to a proficient insurance agency advertising company.