How Do I Find a Job?


Three years ago, every graduate needed a job lined up after graduation. However, the past two years are unique: not a single student had a job offer.

So, that’s what the students wanted to talk to me about – how to get work? Who’ll give them a opportunity? How can you have experience if nobody will provide you a job? All are great questions. Technically, I was invited there to talk about quality management practices but, honestly, that topic is dull and it was good the students spoke up and told me exactly what they actually wanted to talk about. This was impressive to me.

It’s time to get some outside of the box thinking. I have been mulling this over for many weeks and this guide will share my ideas.

  • Internships. (aka Volunteers)
  • I really told the pupils to walk into the company of their decision and offer to work for free!

It seems like a win-win situation to me. The normal school graduate has now gone home to live with his or her parents because job opportunities are just not out there. Rather than sit around and become miserable about economical conditions they can do nothing about, I informed the group they might as well be proving themselves at anything work setting they believe is their own Dream Job. If they offer to perform for a certain period of time for free, and supposing their job is better than average (maybe even excellent) – along with the proper mindset, communication, and teamwork skills – it appears to me it would just be a matter of time before the business moves them out of an Intern to an Employee.

I am mindful of Foundations offering funds for internships. During the first “sitting at home period” – you know, the one immediately following the big graduation festivities (okay, after return in the graduation trip to the beach or wherever), the potential intern could check out Foundations that encourage internships. Having a paid internship beforehand, it seems to me it would be even simpler to find an opportunity at that Dream Job since there is no cost to the organization AND a foundation considering the mission of this charitable organization.

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For all those students that are entering college (or have several semesters remaining), I would strongly encourage an internship (it was called “co-op”) experience. Some quick research has shown me that there are lots of businesses still offering these applications. Work a semester, go to school a session; upon graduation there is a job available where the internship has paved the way. But, this line of reasoning would be a bit off the planned subject, so let us get back to Non-Profits.

As I have preached for years in a variety of articles, through The Center for Ethics, Governance, and Accountability (which I founded to encourage the non-profit sector), I believe a non-profit organization (NPO) – actually, the entire Sector of NPOs – holds the best promise for assisting our nation solve its many challenges. As well as the non-profits will need to attract young, bright, and lively school graduates to their organizations.

What better way than to market for interns? Maybe the NPO will offer a small stipend from within its own budget, or find a donor who will host interns for a particular amount of money. The choices are virtually unlimited. Just climb out of this box.

I guess, nevertheless, the graduates are probably a bit too shy to take the bold steps that I advocated when I spoke to that group (that is not such a bad thing). Therefore, the non-profit industry should take the leadership role and also declare its own desire for interns. The NPO could entertain interns from board member referrals or a different method. The purpose is that there’s not any explanation as to why the company can’t attract the “best and brightest” using this “internship scenario” in these uncertain financial times.

After all, there’s not anything to lose and a whole lot to be obtained, both to your nonprofit careers company, the community of stakeholders that it functions, and also the graduate who wants and needs to get out of their parents’ house.