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We live at a unique moment in history.  With the advancement of modern scientific technology this and future generations can benefit in numerous ways that previous generations could only dream of.  Some of these ways have been completely unexpected.  For example, for the first time ever the world may  very well have new, independent and empirical evidence affecting all of its inhabitants and directly relating to some of the most important issues and events in history — and to many, these events have been controversial and uncertain.  For the first time in history, the world may very well have extensive medical, scientific, and archeological evidence for the numerous sufferings, crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of the historical Jesus Christ.  This evidence is derived from very recent or relatively recent tests and experiments in connection with the Shroud of Turin.

Thousands of scientific tests have been performed on the entire Shroud and on various samples that were removed from it following its first and only comprehensive scientific examination in 1978.  All of these test results are consistent with the shoud being the actual burial garment of Jesus, except one, and that was the most controversially conducted test ever performed on the cloth or its samples.  These test results have revealed that the Shroud contains the most unprecedented body images and blood marks in the world whose features literally defy the laws of physics and chemistry.  Interestingly, modern science has only been able to discover and illustrate many of the shroud’s unique features, but it has not come close to duplicating them.

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With the passing of a generation of research and development, science may now be able to move beyond the question of authenticity and prove some of the most startling events in history, while disproving the results of the Shroud’s controversial carbon dating.  Mark Antonacci, author of The Resurrection of the Shroud, the most comprehensive and substantive book ever written on the subject, and Art Lind, a retired physicist from McDonnell Douglas Aerospace and the Boeing Company, have devised a series of tests and experiments that will test what they consider to be the most likely explanation of the Shroud’s images and unprecedented features, while explaining the cloth’s aberrant carbon dating.  Utilizing the nuclear reactor and scientists at the University of Missouri – Columbia, along with Dr. David Elmore, Director of Purdue University’s Rare Isotope Measurement Laboratory, and its accelerator mass spectrometer, these experts wil conduct a series of tests that could prove whether:Computer imaging technology reveals that the Shroud’s body image was uniquely encoded in a vertical straight line direction from the body to the cloth.

  • particle radiation irradiated the Shroud
  • the particle radiation emanated from the length, width, and depth of the body wrapped within the cloth
  • the event occurred in the 1st Century
  • the event occurred in Jesus’s burial tomb

Why We Should Trust God Above All

Why We Should Trust God Above All

Trust is of great importance since it pertains to one’s integrity, character, and ability. With that being said, trust honors a person’s character. On the other hand, distrust does the opposite. Let’s consider that, if you’ve been doing your best to become a well-respected individual by allowing the Word of God to rule every area of your life and for some reason somebody can’t trust you with something, that would be very hurtful to you since you’d feel like you are let down by that person’s ignorance and lack of trust in you.

So to a much greater degree, the same concept also applies to God. Given the fact that He’s a God who has an uncompromised integrity in certainly everything. God is deeply troubled when we cannot trust Him with our life’s problems. Our unbelief or lack of trust is equivalent to us telling Him that He cannot be trusted regardless of whom He claims Himself to be.

Trust is the essence of our relationship with God. Trust and faith are pretty much the same thing. And we’re told that God cannot be pleased without faith according to (Hebrews 11:6). Trusting Him means relying on Him and His ability to provide without reservation.

Furthermore, trusting Him means embracing completely whom He has claimed Himself to be in His infallible Word. So we have to take His Word at face value by letting it decide how we should react when things are not going well for us. The thing is that problems will always come up and that’s part of life. However, as His children, we should not let them drive us desperate as those who are hopeless due to their constant unwillingness to believe on God. See faith in God.

The Second Coming of Jesus is the Rapture

The Second Coming Of The Lord

thief-in-the-night-raptureWhile many people want to know when the second coming is going to happen, they are going to have to wait for the time of the Lord. It is going to come, as he has said in his word, like a thief in the night. No-one will know the day or even anything about the hour. Instead, it will happen when people are going about their day and bring everyone to shock when it happens.

We have some signs that it is coming near, as people get more and more wicked, but that does not mean that it will be within the lifetime of current believers. The lord has infinite patience and trying to figure out when he is ready is like trying to understand him in all of his glory. As humans, we simply cannot comprehend so much. Instead, we are here to listen, wait, and spread the word.

This is why it is so important to keep your heart and soul prepared at all times. If he were to come back today, would you be ready? If your answer is not a resounding no, you need to work on yourself and get to a place where you will not need to worry before you think of anything else. Devote yourself to the scriptures, and find solace within their pages that he will return and claim you as one of his own.

This is also why it is so important to spread the word to everyone within the world. Everyone will hear the word and while many will harden their hearts, the Lord wants to save as many souls as he can. He did not make anyone to be damned, only the deceiver can change and harden the hearts of people. Working on those who have not heard or accepted the message is the true calling of all Christan peoples.

There will not be a large fan fare before the Lord returns. Instead, he will return in quite before all see him for who he is. No-one will be able to deny him, and he will be praised for who he is. In that day, even those who do not believe will know what it is to tremble at his feet and proclaim him to be Lord.

So the answer to when he is coming is soon, but we cannot know for sure. Instead, we can keep our faith, our hope, and pray for him to hearken onward.